Chicago Travel Diary/Photography

Chicago, the windy city. To me, it is so much more than that.

In 2016, I got the chance to travel to Chicago, the city of my dreams.

I fell in love with the people, the architecture, the history, the sunsets, and the food. But most of all I fell in love with the constant energy I felt while walking the streets.I felt like a completely new person stepping out of that plane, like I was invincible. Never had I felt this way before, and it was amazing. A surge of creativity and life overtook me, I randomly cut my hair short!

But Chicago isn´t all beauty, there´s ugly sides to it, too. Crime, which I did not experience, and homelessness, something I did see a lot.

One night, me and my family went out for classic deep-dish Pizza (I loved it), and I had definitely ordered too much for just myself. Instead of throwing it out, I asked them to put it in a doggy-bag for me, and they did.

I offered it to a man standing outside a drugstore. He looked “normal” enough, and he made light conversation with passerbys, but in his hand was a cup filled with small change. He looked at me, then the pizza, and then shook his head. “I´ve got so much, give it to somebody who needs it.” Is what he said to me, a grateful look in his eyes. He gestured to a small pile behind him, his belongings, to prove it. He thanked me, and I nodded, tears in my eyes.

To see someone who had little to nothing not take my warm food because he already had enough, it broke my heart in the most beautiful way. I don´t know this mans name, or his story, but he tought me a valuable lesson: To always be grateful.

And I am. I am so grateful for living the way I am, for receiving education, for having warm food everyday and a bed and a family. A family that I love and support and couldn´t live without. I love you guys and eventhough it might not seem like it, I am so so grateful for you.

I never actually ended up sharing the pictures I took on here, so I thought I´d take the chance and do so now.


I love Chicago and met so many good people there, so thank you for that, Chicago.

Have you ever visited Chicago? What did you expreience there? I´d love to discuss!



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