Groutfit: Gray on Gray on Black

Hi everyone!

I hope you had the loveliest Sunday, mine was pretty relaxed, if you ignore the hour me and my brother spent frantically searching for our dog because we thought she ran away… she ended up being with our parents the entire time!

So. Groutfits. What are they? If you haven’t guessed it by now, groutfits are outfits that are made up of all-gray components. I chose this super warm and comfortable off-the-shoulder sweater with my retired school-uniform jeans. I´ve never seen them look this stylish!

I might’ve cheated a bit since my shoes are black, but I sincerely don’t own any gray shoes 🙂

This outfit is great for school or seeing friends, and is easy to dress up with more jewelry or (gray?) heels.

Sweater: Zara / Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger / Shoes: Converse

Have a lovely day!


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