Peachy Haze: a moodboard, a story

“To have her is to have the stars”

peachy haze moodboard.PNG

“Maybe this is how it was supposed to happen.” He sits, looking at her, watching her as if it was their last moment together. Maybe it was.

She shakes her head and smiles at her words, blonde tendrils of hair bouncing slightly.

The bell on the door chimes as a customer enters the dim room. Neither of them turn to see who it is. (They wouldn’t have known him either way, they’d never even noticed this diner before tonight.)

She takes a sip of her peach lemonade, the drink the color of pink honey, the color of her eyes the moment right after she wakes up. The color of her favorite lipstick.

He keeps looking at her, speechless. How could she do this?

Earlier she had told him about her plan, the train, the class, the city. She managed to conceal the smile on her lips, but not the stars in her eyes, as she spoke of her new beginning, her final escape out of this town.

He kept watching her, his fingers tapping on the maple-Sirup stained table, his throat closing up with the second, eyes blinking almost rapidly. He wouldn’t cry in front of her, he had promised himself even before he had met her. Not out of pride, but out of strength. Out of love for a girl he only knew as a feeling.

As he sat in the muted diner, reminiscing of their past year, thinking of all their shared moments of pain and laughter and pure bliss, she was already in Spain, browsing through weathered postcards, picking one out especially for him.

So he sat there.

All while she simply smiled, the golden sunlight filtering through the broad windows of the diner, casting a dancing pattern of shadows on her skin.

Why he wasn’t stopping her, he didn’t know.


Peach Pit- Peach Pit

When the Phone rings- Diners

Fleas- Babeo Baggins

Stranger Feelings- Dreamgirl

Dancing- Mellow Fellow

love, Antonia

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6 thoughts on “Peachy Haze: a moodboard, a story

    1. Thanks! I know me too! I just felt inspired to make a moodboard and that inspired me to write the story, so it just happened πŸ™‚ thanks for reading!

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