Marco Polo Fashion Brunch

Hi lovelies!

Today me and my parents went to a fashion event we had previously been invited to. The Marco Polo store in the Breidenbacher Hof in Düsseldorf hosted this Event to celebrate and introduce their spring/summer collection 2018!

There was also free food and drinks, and who could say no to that?

(Look at my moms gorgeous custom made Aquamarine ring! Such dreamy color!)

While I wasn’t able to take pictures of the collection, I can tell you all about it. I saw a lot of ties, bows, or simple knots on sleeves, as straps, or in the backs of dresses or blouses.

Solid, strong colors were present too, green and pink hues catching my eye the most. Marco Polo’s style is classic and clean in every way, the most commonly found colors navy, gray, or white, so I was surprised to find an entire Sub collection in this almost neon-like lime green. Not my color of choice, but definitely a twist in the brands look.

Pattern wise, I found (and bought!) a beautiful blue/white striped blouse that you’ll definitely be seeing more of on here in the future. Floral patterns are back! Again, I’ve never been much of a fan (maybe because I’ve never owned anything really floral-or patterned, for that matter), but maybe I’ll try the trend this summer.

What are your opinions on these trends? Would you dare to wear neon colored or patterned clothes? Tell me in the comments!

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