My Saturday Night, 17.3.18

Last night, my parents hosted a dinner party to celebrate my dads birthday. My best friend and her family were invited too, so I had such a blast with her!

The first thing we did was eat two servings of the Poke Bowls my mom made, and I discovered that if I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Poke Bowls. Not only because they are super healthy, but also because there are so many possibilities to what you can make them with! From fish to meat to tofu with any vegetabel or fruit (Mango!), anything is possible.

Other families brought their kids along too, and all of them are friends with my younger brother, so while we stayed to eat our dinner downstairs, they played computer games or whatever in his room. It was kind of weird to be “the older sister” who eats with the grown-ups and doesn´t run around the house trying to find a place to hide for a game of hide-and-seek.

After eating, we made ourselves some mocktails (mock Mojitos, I think). They were so. good. And pretty!


Out of boredom, we ended up going through my old yearbooks. Honestly guys, what the hell was going on back then? I looked like such an idiot for the majority of my pictures! But then again, does anyone actually look good in old yearbook pictures? Do you?


Above, we have me laughing at myself, probably.

Then we got dessert. My mom loves making deserts and baking cakes and all that, so we ate cheesecake and this really good fruity-cream thing that I don´t know what to call. It was amazing though! We weren´t really in the mood for any movie in particular, so we decided to watch Twilight. I used to love that movie so much, looking back, I can´t help but wonder “what was I thinking?”

I love comfortable nights like these, where there´s good food and good conversations and just good vibes. They remind me a lot of my childhood, w+hen my parent´s used to have guest over a lot more often and us kids would watch movies and play games in the yard. I miss my childhood a lot sometimes, but I can´t wait for what the future beholds for me! Especially this past week, I´ve been so motivated to work harder and more, and I finally found a few long term goals that I know will keep me motivated for a much longer time.

I hope you like these kind of posts, they´re a bit more personal and somewhat of a “recap” of the week. If you do, don´t forget to like this post, comment, and follow me for more!

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday! xx



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