Hi! My name is Antonia and I´m the author of every post you read on here! I´m 16 and born and raised in Germany. I´m passionate about traveling, equality, music (I listen to all types of music -even country- and that pretty much 24/7), and fashion. My favorite place in this world would be my grandparent´s house, or any big city late at night or really early in the morning.

Right now I go to school and spend a lot of my evenings studying, blogging, reading, or watching Netflix. I love going out with my friends, whether that is clubbing or a day in the city.

My future is somewhat unplanned, but I know that I want to travel and write and take pictures and meet new people, and maybe make a difference in this world one day.

Leave behind a comment, like, or follow me if you like what you see!

Contact me here for collabs or other inquires here!

xx, Antonia

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